Milwaukee Wine Craze Summer 2010


I had the opportunity to participate in an exclusive wine tasting held during MKEWineCraze, hosted by Clear, Bar & Restaurant in the InterContinental hotel, downtown Milwaukee hotel on June 16. The purpose of the special tasting was to introduce us to MKEWineCraze, which occurs each Wednesday 5:30 – 8:30 PM.

Stephan Fritz, Restaurant & Wine Manager explained to us that the rationale for MKEWineCraze is to allow wine fanatics like myself to taste wonderful and exclusive wines at a nominal price. During the event held on June 16, I saw these words rang true. That evening Clear Bar & Restaurant became a venue for wine lovers to come together, learn taste, share and enjoy a wonderful glass of wine that we won’t necessarily purchase due to its exclusivity. The wines we tasted included Silver Oak Cabernet 2003 and Twomey Merlot Napa Valley, 2004. I’ll release my tasting notes on these over the next week.

We enjoyed it so much that I had to venture back the following Wednesday to participate in MKEWineCraze yet again. This evening I was a touch disappointed when my Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino “Altero” 2001 was served in a small wine glass not suitable for this type of wine at all; however upon request I was able to obtain the appropriate glass and further get it decanted, something very much required for this specific wine. Its true potential would have been ruined otherwise.

Having said all of this the atmosphere of Clear Restaurant & Bar is excellent and modern, the wine lovely and the overall experience one that will make us return next week for yet another MKEWineCraze event. If you love wine as much as I do, come and join us where we’ll discuss our thoughts about each wine and reminisce about the next glass to come!

For those that would like more information follow @InterConMKE on twitter or search under #WineCraze

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  2. Dear Erica,

    thank you for the great review and we are looking forward having you back at the InterContinental for our wine craze.

    We are in the process of adressing the issue with the wine glasses and I will ensure this will not happen again in the future.

    Thank you,

    Stephan Fitz

    by Stephan
    on 13. Jul, 2010

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  4. I also have a blog entry for this event.

    You can read it at:

    by 97 Point Red
    on 29. Sep, 2010

  5. Thank you for your comment Mike (aka 97 point red).These are indeed important factors that have to always be present for events like these to be insightful to wine enthusiasts like ourselves.

    by Erica
    on 29. Sep, 2010

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