Madison WI is one of my favorite places in this country and I try to make it over there at least a handful of times over the summer months. While spending an evening there a couple of weekends ago I was able to stop by one of my favorite restaurants/bars in the city, named Nat Spiel. The music (which is always great by the way with asian/european influences) was particularly good that evening. I asked the DJ what was spinning and he named a person I had never heard of before, Dominik Eulberg.

After heading back home I looked Eulberg up and this is what I found:

Heavily influenced by the sound of Sven Vath’s radio show during the ’90s, Germany’s Dominik Eulberg began performing and producing music in front of small audiences in 1995. His early releases on the Sniper imprint caught the attention of such other labels as Matthias Schaffhäuser’s Ware and Germany’s Raum…Musik. After a series of singles on Traum Schallplatten and Trapez, Eulberg released his first full-length, Flora und Fauna in 2004. The album was met with much acclaim from critics, dancefloors, and DJs alike and resulted in a series of DJ-friendly remixes in 2005. He continues to record almost exclusively for Traum Schallplatten and in the past few years has become an in-demand remixer known for his epic compositional sensibilities and dramatic, sweeping arrangements. He recently came full-circle creatively by recording an EP for Sven Vath’s Cocoon label in summer of 2006.

I also found various of his mixes on YouTube. Check this one out and let me know what you think.

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